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Japan Road Association (JARA) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1947. It carries out valuable activities with the objectives of studying road policies that are essential to people's lives, disseminating knowledge of roads, and promoting the development of roads and transport.

JARA conducts practical researches, as well as publication of specifications, guidebooks, handbooks, in the areas of design, construction, and management of roads in order to disseminate them in the road-related industries through organizing conference, seminar, and workshop.

JARA's membership consists of regular members, mainly individual road engineers and road-related personnel throughout the nation, special members, and some honorary members from local governments, related industries and various organizations.



Name Japan Road Association (JARA)
President TOKUYAMA Hideo
Address (Shoyu Kaikan) 3-3-1, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8955, Japan
Objective JARA’s objectives are to study road policy that are essential to people's lives, to disseminate knowledge of roads and raise awareness of road related topics, and to promote the development of roads and transport, thereby contributing to the promotion of public welfare, through various roles of roads in Japan and overseas.
  • Planning, investigation and study on road and transport
  • Public relations and awareness-raising of road and transport
  • Organization of seminar and workshop of road and transport
  • Guidance on planning, design and building of road and transport
  • Publication of periodicals, books and other printed materials related to road and transport
  • Cooperation with academic societies, associations and other organizations that relate to the objectives of JARA
  • Promotion of international exchange, including cooperation and participation in international conferences of road and transport
  • Cooperation with and making recommendations to relevant government authorities
  • Other activities required to achieve the objectives of JARA


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