PIARC Technical Committees and Task Forces

Under 4 Strategic Themes (STs), PIARC Technical Committees (TCs) and Task Forces (TFs) unite experts from numerous areas including road safety and design, network operations and maintenance, finance and governance.
They allow participants to access global information and expertise, along with professional development and networking opportunities.

TCs implement research activities during four year cycle (currently 2020-2023), and TFs for approximately two years.

Japanese representatives participate in the TCs and TFs with Japanese flag () as in the following:

Strategic Plan for 2020-2023

ST 1 -Road Administration

ST 2 -Mobility

ST 3 -Safety and Sustainability

ST 4 -Resilient Infrastructure

Cross-cutting Committees

PIARC Publications and Online Manuals

PIARC publishes a number of technical reports. They are produced by TCs during their four-year activity cycle, and by TFs in two years.
The publications and reports are available free of charge for registered visitors and for the members of the Association.

PIARC has published six interactive electronic Manuals, which are available online free of charge.
They cover the area of Disaster Management, Road Asset Management, Road Safety, Road Network Operations/ITS, Road Tunnels, and Earthworks respectively.
The Manuals are based on the overall PIARC experience and know-how and offer a detailed overview on the various topics and practical recommendations.

Routes/Roads is an informational magazine. The articles present analysis, summaries, recommendations or states of practice in a country covering subjects of topical interest in the theme of roads and road transport.