REAAA Business Forum is designed to facilitate business to business collaboration in the road sector.
The objectives are to create business to business collaborations in road engineering project or related sectors and to enhance membership form business persons, institutions or companies.

REAAA Business Forum

  Dates Venue Theme
9th Business Forum March 24, 2022 Seoul, Korea Smart Construction Technology in Road Engineering
8th Business Forum September 13, 2021 Manila, Philippines Shaping the future of road engineering with advanced technologies
7th Business Forum April 10, 2019 Taipei, Taiwan Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Roads with Future Engineer Leadership
6th Business Forum October 30, 2018 KL, Malaysia Potential partnership for business opportunities in Asia and Australasia
5th Business Forum July 21, 2017 Manila, Philippines Golden era of infrastructure development in Philippines
4th Business Forum March 23, 2017 Bali, Indonesia Expanding Opportunities for Infrastructure Investment in Developing Countries
3th Business Forum November 1, 2016 Sydney, Australia New Technologies on Road Construction Program
2th Business Forum October 23, 2014 Sydney, Australia Road Technology Support and Products Related to Road Projects
1th Business Forum April 22, 2014 Bali, Indonesia Public Private Partnerships